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Laboratory of Cell Biology
Bethesda, Maryland, USA
National Cancer Institute
Lab staff  

Chief: Michael M. Gottesman, M.D.

Deputy Chief: Suresh Ambudkar, Ph.D.

Principal Investigators: Ettore Appella, M.D., Suresh Ambudkar, Ph.D., Michael Gottesman, M.D., Michael Maurizi, Ph.D., Sriram Subramaniam, Ph.D., Kandice Tanner, Ph.D., Di Xia, Ph.D., Victor Zhurkin, Ph.D.

Visit the Center for Cancer Research LCB Web Site for information on LCB Scientific Research Programs and current staff members for each section.

Office of the Chief

Administrative Staff

Consuelo Holguin - Laboratory Program Specialist (Rm 2108, 301-496-1530) - responsible for providing administrative support and assistance in such core areas as budget, human resources, travel, site visits, technical information and clerical assistance

George Leiman (Rm 2144B, 301-451-5162) - Editorial Assistant/Technical Writer - handles MTA records, certain manuscripts, manuscript approval for MDR, some graphics, seminar scheduling, ITAS, LCB monthly manuscript list, LCB library, LCB website administration

Barbara Murphy (Rm 2106, 301-402-0687) -Technical Lab Manager - handles LCB supply inventory, maintenance agreements, space and budget management, property custodian, surplus property, MTAs/Letters of Understanding (shipping), key and training requests

Joyce Sharrar - Program Assistant (Rm 2108, 301-402-1646) - handles special projects for Michael Gottesman, some assistance with personnel for Dr. Gottesman's research group

Scientifc Core Staff

3D Electron Microscopy and Image Processing Core: Jacqueline Milne, Mario Borgnia

CCR Molecular Modeling Core: Stewart Durell, Yinon Shafrir

Collaborative Protein Technology Resource: Lisa Miller Jenkins, Jessie Chen, Michelle Herrmann

Seminar Schedule
All seminars are at 2:15 in Room 2041, unless otherwise indicated



14 Kristen Pluchino, Multidrug Resistance Section, LCB



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